Fire Management

Controlled fires are essential to farming operations, but if done incorrectly can contribute to large quantities of the greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide.

By working with AI Carbon we can help you formulate a fire management plan. It is possible to reduce fire emissions by shifting burning from the late dry season towards the early dry season and reducing the area that is burnt each year. Our method reduces emissions by creating less intense fires that cover smaller areas of country.

Another benefit of fire management is asset protection, which includes grass, pumps, fences and bores. Additionally fire management helps to protect rare wildlife and plants.

Carefully planned early dry season burning helps to reduce fuel loads and creates fire breaks in the landscape. These breaks alongside roads and rivers helps to reduce the risk of fires spreading in the late dry season.

Planning for successful fire management takes time and money, which with new revenue streams shown to you by AI Carbon will become a manageable task. With new sources of revenue it’s possible to not just cover the costs of this process, but to also generate a significant revenue stream that improves profitability.

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