About Us

AI Carbon has one goal: to help you commercialise environmental improvement in your business.

Working as project development partners with Australian farmers, indigenous communities, large energy users and waste facility managers, we help our customers find additional revenue streams whilst improving on environmental performance.

We know that getting involved in carbon trading isn’t your core business, but it is ours. Through understanding the key drivers of your business we work with you to improve your bottom line without the need for you to worry about complicated carbon market details.

To find out more about how AI Carbon can benefit your business please contact us.

Why choose AI Carbon?

We believe there are significant differences between the AI Carbon approach compared to other carbon developers, in that we can provide active carbon revenue management. We do not provide one price, or lump sum payment, for the landholder. Rather, we seek the highest revenue for the landholder and share those returns.
Holding an Australian Financial Services Licence gives us complete flexibility in developing sales and marketing strategies to maximise the sale of Australian Carbon Credit Units including structuring forward sales to prioritise cashflow for project stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

AI Carbon is a foundational signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct for carbon projects.

This Code provides confidence to customers that industry standards and transparency are upheld. 

The Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct can be viewed here:  
Australian Integrated Carbon Financial Services
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Australian Financial Services Licence: 425 610
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Hannaford Building, Waite Campus
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