Our People

Our People

Adam Townley

Director and founder of AIC 

  Adam is a chartered accountant with over 25 years’ experience in financial markets including setting up one of the first carbon funds in London (2003) and has published books on insolvency and bankruptcy. He is a commercialisation and corporate specialist using design thinking to bring to market technologies including waste to energy, fintech, agtech and telematics. Adam has been the Director for AIC Carbon for five years overseeing numerous carbon project within Australia. Adam is based in Sydney.

Russell Seaman

Chief Operations Officer

Russell, based in South Australia, has over 25 years’ of natural resource management experience delivering large scale environmental projects. Most recently he has been the South Australian Manager for the Native Vegetation Council.

His riverine recovery work during the millennium drought was recognized nationally by being awarded the Banksia’s Award – Prime Ministers Environmentalist of the year. Russell has also received awards for environmental planning and GIS mapping.

Russell has a passion for investigating how carbon markets can increase landscape productivity and bring diversified revenue into communities. 

Russ has played a pivotal role in the development of Australia’s first ‘blue carbon’ pilot which implemented the Verified Carbon Standard – proof of concept for tidal reconnection as a blue carbon offset project.

Russ has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors program, project management qualifications and advanced leadership and management training.

Greg Butler – Research and Development.

Specialist in renewable energy, biochar systems and agricultural innovation.

Greg graduated from the University of Adelaide with Honours in Organic Chemistry and he is a Life Member and former President of the Adelaide University Science Association.

For 25 years Greg has developed sustainable technologies and management systems that have proven valuable for primary producers, their supply chain partners and society at large.  He is the author of two International Patents for sustainable technologies in conjunction with Cool Planet LLC and the Shape Technologies Group LLC.

Identifying new opportunities and then contributing to the delivery of innovative products and services that allow industry leaders to adapt to changing environmental, operating and market conditions is Greg’s speciality.

He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is networked to many primary producers, processors, technology specialists and business professionals through his roles as the Research & Development Manager at the South Australian NoTill Farmers Association Inc, the Managing Director of Clean Carbon Pty Ltd and as a member of the Advisory Board of Roundwood Solutions Pty Ltd.  Greg was formally a Director of Yorke Biomass Energy and an Advisory Board Member for the ZeroWaste Research Centre for Sustainable Design & Behaviour.

Simon Patterson

Specialist Agricultural systems

Simon has been involved in broad acre farming and grazing in South Australia for 34 years and has co-managed their family farming properties with his brother. Their properties include 12,200 Ha of mixed farming (grains and sheep) and 51,500 Ha of pastoral grazing land.

Simon served on the South Australian No Till Farmers Association board for 6 years including 2 years as president, where he became interested in carbon farming to increase profits on farm.

Mark Lewis

Mark is a former WA Minister for Agriculture and Food and was a member for the Mining and Pastoral Region in the WA Legislative Council from 2013 to 2017. He is currently also a Director on the federal Regional Investment Corporation (charged to deliver a $6 Bn concessional loan facility) and the Climate Change Authority (which advises federal Ministers and government on related matters) and a number of public (limited) and private companies. Mark has a lifetime of involvement in agriculture and rural communities and years of engagement in water resource development.

Mark holds a Master of Applied Science, AdvDip Management and GradCert Management. His under graduate studies were in the Animal Health field.