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Auction September 2020

22 September 2020

AI Carbon secure over 2 million tonnes of CO2

  • AI Carbon have secured the largest portion of contracts in the ERF auction receiving 34% of total, over 2 million tonnes of total allocated.
  • The projects in this particular auction are in WA and AI Carbon are using a “The Human Induced Regeneration method”.

Using the natural regeneration method, the proposed projects are WA based, and capture carbon by changing land management practices to facilitate regeneration of a native forest.

Founder and Director of AI Carbon Adam Townley says he is excited by the success and size of their allocation and what it means for the pastoralists they work with. Townley says that the new option style contract establishes a floor price for contracting, which is a big factor in de-risking projects. Townley credits the practical and commercial approach that they take when planning carbon projects; partnering with landholders to strike sustainable and commercial balance.

“It is our goal to align environmental practices within existing business. We approach each potential project with a commercial mindset and use our experience and technical knowledge to make it profitable. We provide our clients with active carbon revenue management – a major point of difference to what we have seen in the past,” says Townley.

“We see that our key partners are Australian farmers, indigenous communities as well as large energy users and waste facility managers; managing carbon projects is not their core business, but it is ours.”

AI Carbon is led by Townley, has enlisted the support of COO Russell Seaman, a natural resource management specialist. Russ is formerly the South Australian manager for Native Vegetation Council and winner of the Banksia Award – the Prime Ministers Environmentalist of the year. Russell has been working in the natural resource management sector for over 25 years, based in South Australia.

Mark Lewis, former minister for Agriculture who works with AI Carbon in Western Australia, said that the recent legislative changes in Western Australia mean that landholders have enormous potential to diversify their income by leveraging carbon markets.

“It’s the gamechanger that West Australia pastoralists have been looking for to drive long term sustainability of their enterprises”

Greg Butler and Simon Patterson, based in South Australia, are also a critical part of the team bringing expert agricultural system knowledge and waste-to-energy projects know-how.

Together, the team have a deep skill set in environmental science, management, and an unparalleled knowledge to proactively innovate projects in the land and industrial sectors.

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