AI Carbon Secures 62% of Contract Volume in Latest ERF Auction

Australian Integrated Carbon was thrilled with the Emissions Reduction Fund 14th Auction Results announced on the 11 April 2022. In a continuation of our strong representation in the market, AiCarbon secured 62% of the total volume taken up by the Commonwealth Government in optional contracts, above the auction average! This result is a win for AI Carbon and our clients and it follows the 64%, 28% and 35% that we have secured of the total volumes contracted in the past 3 ERF Auctions.

The ERF’s 14th Auction saw 7.6 million tonnes of carbon abatement contracted at an average price of $17.35 per tonne, highlighting a shift to optional contracts in an encouraging sign that Australia’s carbon market is evolving with increasing demand from the private sector for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Importantly, the ERF commented that “We expect very few ACCUs under optional contracts to be delivered to the Commonwealth with most being sold to private buyers at higher prices available in the private voluntary market. To date, only a tiny fraction of optional contracts have been delivered to the Clean Energy Regulator. This illustrates that optional delivery contracts are not primarily a means for the government to purchase abatement but rather act to underpin supply.

AiCarbon bids into the auction to secure an option price that can be relied on in a “worst-case scenario”. It’s a form of insurance to mitigate any downside risk.

For more information about Ai Carbon and how we can set your carbon project up with the greatest chance of success, drop us a note at [email protected] or call Adam Townley, CEO on 0410 541 662.

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