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Human-Induced Regeneration
Reforestation by environmental or mallee plantings
Biodiversity Credits Assessment

Human-Induced Regeneration of Permanent Even-Aged Forest (HIR) is our most popular method. We have over 35 HIR projects registered with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) to date.

The goal of this method is to achieve...

... 20% tree canopy coverage above two metres within 25 years.

HIR allows forests to naturally regenerate - without actively planting trees - by strategically reducing total grazing pressure. 

This can be done by implementing management strategies such as:

  • Reducing stocking rates
  • Implementing rotational grazing
  • Controlling feral animal populations
  • Managing weeds

We recommend this method for rangeland properties in 200 mm - 300 mm annual rainfall regions.

Reforestation by environmental or mallee plantings is our shelterbelt revegetation method. 

The goal of this method is to achieve...

... 20% tree canopy coverage at two metres within 25 years.

Unlike HIR, this method uses active planting of mixed local plant species or mallee seedlings to achieve forest cover.

We also offer Biodiversity Credit Assessments for eligible properties in South Australia.

Unlike the other two services we offer which generate carbon credits under the national Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011, the Biodiversity Credit Assessments program generates biodiversity credits under South Australia's Native Vegetation Act 1991 and Native Vegetation Regulations 2017.

This biodiversity credit can be sold to landowners and managers who want to modify native vegetation in South Australia who are required to produce a significant environmental benefit (SEB) to ‘offset’ the impacts on biodiversity that would result from any clearance activity.

You can also keep your biodiversity credits for promoting sustainability credentials on your property.

Find out more about how to offset a clearance using SEBs from the South Australian Department for Environment and Water.

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