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Mitsubishi Corporation Takes a Stake in Australian Integrated Carbon

Australian Integrated Carbon (AIC) are pleased to announce that Mitsubishi Corporation has acquired a 40% stake in AIC, a leading Australian nature-based carbon developer. After an international scan, Mitsubishi Corporation has taken the significant step of investing in the Australian carbon market.

Regarding the new partnership with AIC, Mitsubishi Corporation said, “This investment falls in step with our sustainability objectives, which include transitioning to a low-carbon society.”

Mitsubishi Corporation identified Australia’s expansive landscapes as offering significant potential to generate quality carbon credits (ACCUs). This, combined with a recognised government-backed carbon market, underpinned Mitsubishi Corporation’s confidence in making this investment.

AIC CEO Adam Townley said “This is a significant opportunity to join forces with a global player to originate projects in both the Australian and international carbon markets.”

Russell Seaman, AIC COO said “AIC are excited to deploy our environmental and financial expertise to expand our portfolio as nature-based carbon will play a critical role for companies seeking carbon neutrality as they transition to a low emission economy.”

AIC is currently developing projects across regional Australia by working with farmers to increase carbon and improve productivity. Projects have the potential to generate a substantial flow of carbon credits which can be monetised through the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).

AIC was the largest bidder of nature-based carbon credits in the last two Emission Reduction Fund auctions.

Mitsubishi Corporation were keen to ensure the investment was structured to support future growth while retaining day to day management control by the Australian founders.

With Mitsubishi Corporation’s support, AIC’s immediate plan is to develop projects delivering up to 100 million ACCUs.


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