What we do

What we do

There are 5 key steps in the AI Carbon process.

Feasibility assessment

We undertake analysis of carbon yields, land uses, scale, carbon pricing and carbon methods.

This provides you a range of carbon farming options to explore.

Firming up the numbers

We then undertake financial modelling scenarios to show you different revenue and cashflow options. AIC has the capability to integrate other revenue streams of your business to show you the holistic picture of potential.

Registration of the project

AIC will register the project with the Australian Government, or if undertaking a voluntary carbon method, we will register on your behalf. This step is critical to achieve conditional registration which confirms eligibility of the project.

Project implementation

We will map out actions required to achieve a carbon credit, including the auditing and on-going support.

Realising a carbon credit

One of our points of difference, is that AIC can actively manage the carbon revenue for you. We can search for the best price and tap into our international partners to find the best buyer for your credit. 

Office Locations

Western Australia
Mark Lewis
0499 588 699
[email protected]

South Australia
Russell Seaman
0411 759 567
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New South Wales
Adam Townley
0410 541 662
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