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Why Carbon?

Diversify Your Income

The carbon price is the amount received for the sale of a single Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) either to the ERF or another buyer in the market. The Australian Government holds auctions to purchase ACCU’s through the Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) The graph below illustrates the past auction outcomes.

ERF Action Prices
With projects spanning 25 years, evaluation of pricing requires forming a view in both the short and long term and AI Carbon explores and pricing scenarios that may exist across the life of the project.

As a principal licence holder, AIC has complete flexibility in developing sales and marketing strategies to maximise the sale of ACCUs including structuring forward sales to prioritise cashflow for project stakeholders. If your project is bigger than first estimated your income stream can increase - our agreements are not fixed price contracts. We can also sell your carbon credits to the open market, meaning we can maximise your profit.

AIC is one of the few organisations in the Carbon Market that is the principal holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (wholesale)

Be a part of the solution

With Carbon Farming we all win.

Carbon projects reduce emissions and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and create direct, measurable positive impacts on the environment.

Vegetation projects are the main project type in Australia, protecting forests and reforesting degraded landscapes providing positive biodiversity, water quality and social outcomes.
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Range of approved methods

AI Carbon works with a range of approved Carbon methods to deliver projects.

These methods are evidence based and meet Australian Government and international standards.

You can be completely sure that you are working with methods that meet the highest standards and are rigorously applied.

For more information about the methods used in generating a carbon income follow the link below.
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