Diversify your income and restore landscapes

Join the movement to regenerate your land and improve your property through carbon farming with AI Carbon.

Why Carbon?

Great opportunities exist to strategically improve and regenerate land while also providing a stable long term income.


AI Carbon are experts in the field and will support your carbon journey all the way. From the feasibility study to the ongoing management of the property.


Carbon farmers follow approved carbon project methods to take carbon from the atmosphere and store it in soil and trees.

solution orientated

Help tackle climate change, biodiversity and build drought resilience through landscape regeneration.

diversified income

Grow carbon credits on your property to create another income stream. 

Our Process

Australian Integrated Carbon (AI Carbon) partners with landholders to secure carbon revenue. We maximise outcomes by securing the highest carbon price with the best possible carbon yield. We quantify and verify these opportunities through detailed and diligent fieldwork and mapping.

We work to variable price contracts. This means that if we can get a better price for your carbon from a bidder other than the government we will. If your project produces more carbon than projected, you will have increased earnings.

AI Carbon uses experts with extensive experience to conduct fieldwork. This ensures accuracy when validating carbon areas whilst ensuring sustainable outcomes that can be relied upon for future revenue.

Our financial modelling is comprehensive and will give you a very clear understanding of the potential carbon value of your property.

The first step in becoming a carbon farmer is to undertake a no obligation FREE feasibility assessment on your property or business.
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