Position your enterprise for the future by unlocking carbon farming potential.

  • Drone imagery of our fieldwork teams in forest

  • We use ecological field data and remote sensing methods

  • Key carbon ecosystem, mallee (Eucalyptus species) forest

  • Carbon species, silky hakea (Hakea sericea)

  • Key carbon ecosystem, black oak (Casuarina pauper) forest

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Solution orientated.

Be part of a climate-neutral future.

With carbon farming, you can run a productive pastoral station and be rewarded for removing carbon dioxide and reducing emissions.

Carbon farming is essential for our efforts to mitigate climate change.

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"The only pathway known to science that has the immediate capacity to remove GHG (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere at scale is photosynthesis: the mechanism by which plants... use light, carbon dioxide and water to create energy to fuel cellular activity and growth."
Professor Ian Chubb
Chair ACCU Review Panel for Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units (2023)
Learn the science of rangeland landscapes

Supportive partnership.

Australian Integrated Carbon work with you.

With a team of ecologists, spatial analysts, accountants and other professionals, we have you covered every step of the way - from prefeasibility to securing the best deal for your carbon credits.

As signatories to the voluntary Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, you can expect a high degree of transparency and integrity in your partnership with us.

Learn more about the Code of Conduct here.

We hold an Australian Financial Services License, legally qualifying us to provide financial advice and develop cashflow strategies on your behalf.

Learn more about the Australian Financial Services License here.


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Advanced methodology.

Follow nationally recognised carbon sequestration methods.  

Our foundations are focused on two main carbon sequestration methods:

  • Human-Induced Regeneration of Permanent Even-Aged Forest - 1.1 (2013) (HIR)
  • Reforestation by Environmental or Mallee Plantings - FullCAM (2014)

Our primary project method is Human-Induced Regeneration with over 35 registered projects to date.

These are nationally registered methods with the Clean Energy Regulator, meaning you can expect integrity and clear direction when it comes to earning your carbon credits.


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Diversified income.

Create another income stream through carbon farming.

Unlike competitors, Australian Integrated Carbon are principal holders of an Australian Financial Services License (wholesale), meaning we are qualified to provide you with financial advice.

Our contract with you is also not fixed price - so if your property earns more money than expected, your income stream increases.

We conduct comprehensive financial modelling of carbon credit generation and ACCU stock prices, giving you maximum transparency for different scenarios.


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