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We have a highly skilled team who can deliver results for you. Our team have decades of experience in environmental management, financial services and remote sensing.

Executive Team

Adam Townley

Chief Executive Officer
CEO Adam Townley is a Sydney-based chartered accountant with over 25 years of experience and leadership in financial markets. He is credited with setting up one of the first carbon funds in London (2003) and has published books on insolvency and bankruptcy. Adam has acted as Director in a number of roles and industries. He is a commercialisation and corporate specialist who uses design thinking processes to implement market technologies such as Waste to Energy, Fintech, AgTech and Telematics. Adam has been the Director for Ai Carbon (AiC) for eight years overseeing numerous carbon projects within Australia.

Russell Seawright

Chief Operations Officer
Russell is based in South Australia and has been working in the natural resource management sector for over 25 years. Since 2013, Russ has been developing nature based carbon projects in South Australia. In 2020, he joined AiC as Chief Operations Officer and - with the AiC team - has positioned AiC as one of the leading nature-based carbon developers in Australia.

Russ is driven to create positive landscape outcomes. He was nationally recognised for his contribution during the Milennium drought, when he received the Banksia Award – Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year. He has also received awards for environmental planning and GIS mapping.

Russ and the AiC team will ensure that AiC services our clients by implementing cutting edge science, planning and monitoring to secure carbon revenue and achieve production and environmental outcomes for our clients.

Spatial & Remote Sensing Team

James Thiessen - Program Manger AI Carbon

James Thiessen

Program Manager
James Thiessen holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity and Environmental Management) and Geographical Information Systems (Arc Map). He was also awarded the Dean’s Merit Award for Academic Achievement.

James commenced his career working for BHP Billiton (Olympic Dam) as an environmental officer in 2005. Since then, he has worked as a Geographical Information Systems Officer for the Queensland Local Government and an ecologist with the Queensland Government. James was awarded a position in the South Australian Government in 2010 to work on a Commonwealth and State-funded land restoration program, the largest on the southern hemisphere at the time. In 2016, James moved into rangeland and Indigenous land management, and has been the Program Manager for the Alinytjara Wilurara Landscape Board in South Australia.

James brings expertise in indigenous land negotiations, stakeholder liaison and pastoral land management.
Iain Hale - Remote Sensing Analyst AI Carbon

Iain Hale

Remote Sensing Analyst
Iain Hale is a remote sensing specialist with experience in satellite imagery interpretation, model development and spectral analysis. Iain has a background working with broad scale change detection in landcover products and classification of vegetation through a range of remote sensing practices.
Iain holds a Bachelor of Environment Policy and Management with Honours in Science.
Dr Chris Wawryk

Dr Chris Wawryk

Remote Sensing Analyst

Chris Wawryk holds a doctorate in geochemistry and has 15 years’ experience working as a professional geologist in Western Australia and South Australia. Chris’s experience in mineral exploration involved photogrammetry and interpretation of spectral data to map landforms, regolith materials and surface expression of mineralizing systems. Working for CSIRO, Chris has collaborated with researchers at University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute and the Australian Wine Research Institute to develop methods to measure stable isotope ratios in a variety of samples including rocks, soils, plants and wine.

Ben Rate

Benjamin Rate

Remote Sensing Analyst
Ben is a spatial/remote sensing analyst with a passion for being outdoors in the natural environment. He has an interest in emerging technologies that can assist decision making for farming operations that benefit both the farmer and natural environment.
Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts and Science (Geography, Chemistry) with Honours in Agricultural Science researching the use and applications of hyperspectral imaging on novel crops.
Matthew Shermott - Spatial Analyst

Matthew Shermot

Geospatial and Environmental Scientist
Matthew has conducted hydrodynamic research on the Hunter River and marine research on the Sydney Harbor and Great Barrier Reef. He has experience in hydrodynamic modelling, field data collection and Python coding. An Engineering Officer in the US for over two years, he has strengths in leadership and management.
Matthew holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Master’s in Marine Science and Management.

Callum Price

Remote Sensing Analyst
Callum in a remote sensing analyst with a passion for conservation and environmental works that are feasible for landowners. Callum has undertaken fieldwork across Australia both in marine and terrestrial environments, as well as fieldwork in the Okavango delta in Botswana. Callum holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Management and Marine Science and an Honours in Ecology.

Enqi Wu

Remote Sensing Analyst
Enqi is a PhD student in agricultural science and remote sensing. He has research and application experience in broadacre farming industry with private and government research organisations. His interests are focused on agricultural technology, drone operation, drone imagery analysis, and data analysis and management.
Enqi holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and an Honours in Agricultural Science.

Ecology Team

Hafiz Stewart - Principle Ecologist AI Carbon

Hafiz Stewart

General Manager - Operations and Principal Ecologist
Hafiz Stewart is a South Australian based ecologist with 25+ years’ experience working across the Australian rangelands for the private and public sector. Hafiz combines a detailed knowledge of arid ecology gained while completing decades of field work in the Outback with high-level program management skills. Hafiz successfully led one of the largest scale revegetation and restoration programs in the Murray Darling Basin and provided state-wide program coordination for the ‘Saving our Species’ program for the New South Wales Government. Hafiz leads AIC’s field operations and provides ecological oversight for the field survey and mapping programs.

Hafiz has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management, and an Honours Degree in Zoology from the University of Adelaide.

Andrew Rettig

Team Leader, Operations and Ecology

Andrew has been leading ecological restoration projects within South Australia, and Far North Queensland. He has worked for the South Australian Department for Environment and Water’s Fire Management Unit responding to wildfire and
conducting prescribed burns. In 2014, Andrew commenced working on one of Australia’s largest revegetation programs within the lower Murray region of South Australia. Andrew has experience in ecological monitoring, scientific investigations, and engineering designs to improve landscape function.

Andrew holds qualifications in the Bachelor of Environmental Management, Diploma of Permaculture, and Certificate 1 Conservation and Land Management.

Kylie Moritz

Team Leader, Senior Ecologist

Kylie has over 25 years’ experience in the field of natural resource management and has worked with the South Australian Environment Department as a Restoration Ecologist, Threatened Flora Ecologist and as a Bush Management Advisor in various regions across the state. With projects in threatened species recovery, pest and pathogen management, ecological burning and conducting biological monitoring and assessment, she is experienced in writing management and vegetation plans and managing funding for regional programs.

Kylie Moritz holds a Bachelor of Biological Sciences (Honours in Zoology) and a Graduate Diploma of Natural Resources Management.
Rata Luckens

Rata Luckens

Team Leader, Operations and Ecology

Rata has diverse experience across natural resource management, forestry management and coastal ecosystem management. As Natural Resource Officer for Salisbury and Charles Sturt Council, Rata has had significant involvement in developing and implementing infrastructure projects like the Coast Park Path and River Torrens Linear Park Trail. He has also spent considerable time on pastoral stations of South Australia and has worked on South Australia’s first feral animal exclusion area on Venus Bay.

Rata holds qualifications in a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Flinders University and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management) from the University of South Australia.

Dr Kimberly McCallum

Team Leader, Operations and Ecology

Kimberly grew up on a farming property in South Australia and this led to an interest in agriculture and the environment. She has skills and experience in field ecology, spatial analysis and map production, ecological monitoring, experimental design and revegetation planning.

Kimberly has worked as both as ecologist and GIS analyst in the consulting industry and as a data management officer with the state government. Most recently she worked with the terrestrial ecosystem research network (TERN) to research and develop a suite of field survey protocols for monitoring the environmental outcomes of natural resource management activities.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a PhD in Restoration Ecology from the University of Adelaide.
Bridget Higgins

Bridget Higgins

Environmental Officer
Bridget grew up on a country farm and has always been passionate about engaging community in the environment. As an Expanding Horizons Mentor during her studies, she has mentored and encouraged high school girls to pursue careers in STEM. Bridget holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science. She has expertise in Geographical Information Systems, revegetation methods and has undertaken project management and field work in Fiji.
Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Junior Ecologist
Natalie has worked as an ecologist in diverse projects including wetland rehabilitation, endangered grasslands management, southern brown bandicoot recovery, and recovery from long-term grazing on Koonamore Vegetation Reserve.
She holds a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with first-class Honours and was awarded a grant for her Honours research on bat predation of agricultural pests through conservation biological control.

Financial Team

Katherine Tey

Financial Controller
Katherine is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, based in Sydney.

She started her career at the Big Four accounting firms specialising in the FMCG and financial services audits. She was with the renewable energy industry prior to Australian Integrated Carbon. Katherine brings her diverse experience to AIC in financial accounting & reporting, process implementations, strategic financial analysis, asset management and AFSL compliances.

Katherine holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from La Trobe University, Melbourne.

Advisory Team

Nick Paltridge

Dr Nicholas Paltridge

Integrated Farm Management
Nick leads our whole of farm carbon accounting and advises on shelterbelt establishment to generate carbon credits.

Nick has worked as an Industry Development Consultant for the South Australian Government, collaborating with livestock producers and industry groups to develop and implement agricultural technologies across the livestock sector as part of the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program.

Nick has experience managing a family livestock enterprise in South Australia, renovating pastures for increased productivity and to build soil carbon. He has also had a focus on improving sheep reproductive performance for efficient prime lamb production, and better management of plantations and shelterbelts.

Greg Butler

Soil Carbon Advisor

Greg is a science graduate with an Honours degree in organic chemistry.  He is well known for his work with the South Australian No-Till Farmers Association as the Research and Development Manager since 2006. 

Greg specialises in the decarbonisation of agro-ecological and petrochemical supply chains.  With 30 years of practical experience with industry research and commercialisation, Greg has developed many novel solutions and is an author of patents acquired by multinational companies.

Greg provides AiC with his specialised soil carbon expertise and advice.

Nick Bradley - Business Development

Nick Bradley

Business Development
Nick Bradley was raised on and has managed cattle stations in the East Kimberley region of WA and he has been professionally engaged in agricultural sectors across Australia for 25 years.

More recently, Nick spent seven years managing stakeholder engagement and contracts for the $2 Bn Connections Project and modernising irrigation infrastructure for 3500+ farmers in Victoria’s Goulburn-Murray irrigation districts. He then spent three years as the national head of sales for an Australian AgTech company that supplies remote water monitoring solutions to the pastoral industry.

Nick has worked with graziers and member organisations like the Arid Lands NRM in every corner of the country and he is a committed advocate for Australian Agriculture and the benefits of carbon farming.  Nick is based in Wangaratta, NE Victoria. 
Ross Sawers - Project Manager AI Carbon

Ross Sawers

Project Manager
Ross Sawers has a family pastoral property in the Northeast Pastoral district of SA and is well known around the region in both pastoral and mining networks. Ross started out in the industry at Prominent Hill. He has worked in consultancy for the mining, oil and gas industry in South Australia and the Northern Territory since 2006. He has also worked in youth employment and the wool industry.

Ross has held multiple Board Member positions for SA Arid Lands Natural Resource Management (eight years), Northern Regional Development and Regional Development Australia Far North (SA). He is currently the Presiding Member on the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board and the Native Vegetation Council.

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