South Australia

Biodiversity Credits


Eligible landholders holding South Australian properties can earn biodiversity credits. 

This can include properties managed for agriculture, livestock, horticulture, mixed farming and/or market gardening.

How does it work?

Simply put, biodiversity credits generate revenue to protect, manage and restore your native vegetation to offset vegetation clearing elsewhere.

Your property is assessed for its biodiversity and restoration potential and subsequently allocated a number of biodiversity credits.

AiCarbon have accredited consultants licensed to carry out these assessments.

These biodiversity credits are often sold to buyers who are required to offset vegetation clearances in the same region. 

Alternatively, revenue can be paid upfront through grant programs or earned later by selling to other third parties.


Revenue Options

Clearance Applicants

Once your property is assessed and registered as a Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) with the Native Vegetation Credit Register, companies wanting to clear (Clearance Applicants) choose an SEB of a similar vegetation type to the one they will clear.

You get to set the price for management works, but will need to wait for a Clearance Applicant to approach you.

Landscape Board Grants

If you think your property is eligible, you submit an Expression of Interest to a Landscape Board Grant.

Once assessment is complete, you submit a competitive bid for funding to manage and restore biodiversity.

If successful, the Native Vegetation Council will periodically pay out the full bid amount over a fixed term to fund your biodiversity restoration and management.

Your generated biodiversity credits will be sold by the relevant Landscape Board to a Clearance Applicant at a later date. 

Direct Client Marketing

Alternatively, you don't need to sell your biodiversity credits elsewhere.

By offering the purchase of biodiversity credits with your product, your customers can fund environmental restoration, allowing your business to have a truly positive environmental benefit.

For example, a vineyard and winery may upsell biodiversity credits with each wine purchase, with the revenue going into the restoration of grey box woodland on the property, thus offering an additional ecotourism aspect and environmentally-friendly marketing image.

There are many funding avenues for your biodiversity credits: government grants, clearance applicants and even your clients.

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