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*Drone imagery of our fieldwork teams in forest

Beef Herd Management Method

The method does not detail the type of new practice that might be undertaken; however, your management must result in one of the outcomes listed; an example includes: increasing the ratio of weight to age or reducing the portion of unproductive animals in the herd.

Environmental Planting

There are numerous benefits to undertaking an environmental planting project. Some of the benefits include improving natural capital, providing shelter for stock, and mitigating the effects of soil erosion or secondary salinity.

You may either establish a planting project using local native species or only using mallee eucalypt species.

Integrated Farm Method

The method will be introduced in phases, with phase one expected to be released in 2023. The phases will integrate existing methods and new activities to further maximise the carbon yields on a given piece of land or property-wide.

As an example, for an IFM project you may undertake a fodder planting (i.e. Leucaena) that will increase soil carbon, improve efficiency of live weight gains in cattle and sequester biomass from the fodder crop.